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Underwater Photography

The continued development of photography technology led to the birth of an incredible—and improbable—form of photography. Underwater photography is exactly as it sounds. This form of photography deals with taking underwater images. A relatively recent kind of photography, it enjoys one of the most widespread uses of all photography forms. With images taken being used for science, for profit, and for personal use, underwater photography fulfills a variety of niche purposes. Interestingly, this photography form didn’t get its start until just a little over fifty years ago. Since then, we can probably all agree that it’s led to the capturing of some of the most dazzling photographs known to man. With current technology allowing for ultra-crisp underwater images to be taken, the possibilities for underwater photography are nearly endless. Perhaps the most common use, however, is for education. Being able to take images underwater has allowed scientists and researches to study the ocean and various aquatic habitats like never before. Scientists have even been able to identify new species and learn more about underwater ecosystems in a way that would have previously been impossible. That’s not all underwater photography has done, however. These images can also provide valuable geographic information about the appearance of underwater habitats. For these reasons, underwater photography has become one an invaluable scientific tool. But to attribute it to just this one use would be remiss. Dazzling underwater shots can also be used to simply catch a viewer’s eye or to turn a profit. In the case of the latter, these images are typically used in research and educational books and possibly even advertisements. Keep in mind that before you can start underwater photography, you’ll need specialized equipment and training.